NEW BREED 2018-2021

June 30, 2018



Hey Everyone Im BAAAAACKKKK!!!!

May 30, 2018

There was some hot and cold weather here, I picked the hot it got cold, I would like to transition faster into my new reality but all the psycho has made everyone nuts but me.  Now i am healing from all the peanuts i ate for many years my stomach was getting rocks in it.  Well I guess sayanorah to all the Aholes who didnt like me see you in Texas in 2030……

Prophecy to Aaron in Church 3 11 18

March 12, 2018

Aaron I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying like Aaron I am pouring the oil of Hermon on you.  As the oil dripped down his beard thats what you have.  The anointing is great and you will walk in mighty power.  Your going to be able to speak a word and see the enemy flee.  Lay your hands and watch them recover.  This is a portion that I am now imparting into you.  And if you do not do it its not because its not my purpose but you havent done it.  I want to give u one step and give you another step.  Be encouraged in all things because sometimes it will seem you cannot do it.  But as each new level comes there is new battles with demons.  The angelic forces will cover you with His anointing.  God is already on your side.

The Oil is glistening its so thick.  There is a Light that will come upon you its not for u but its for others.  There is a special anointing on you for others to see as you begin to speak My Word.

Yes you are a man of power a man of words words of Truth and Life.  Walk in em in the name of Jesus walk in them do not walk in the spirit of fear.  Walk in it and believe it and you shall give to others.  Walk in it and you shall feel the power and authority and the grace gift in you.   When you have a Word that you have when you bring forth it there will be Power and Authority that I have for you.  Whatever you ask in My name and whatever you need ask in My name and I shall give it to you.  Greater is HE that is in you than he that is in the world.

777 Jackpot

March 11, 2018


New Diagram Rev

March 11, 2018

the 7 parts of the lungs

brain lungs heart

3 rainbows

Redemptive Gifts of the Brain

The Brain is the UPPER Rainbow and the Lungs are the LOWER (upsidown) rainbow.

12 Dimensional Theory a bit New Agey but actually some Truth to it…..

February 10, 2018

Spirit Soul Body 7s

January 16, 2018

Redemptive Gifts of the Brain

3 sets of 7

10 body systems

Get Ready for the Battle!!!

November 27, 2017

I have my 14 year Assignment Completed!!!

November 24, 2017

My Final Diagram

Prophecy to Aaron from Melanie

September 8, 2017

I see you entering into a place of deep Beauty, in which you see and experience God in a new dimension. He is about to shift his light in a way that will refract and release new colours and light into your soul. This will bring you into a place of freedom that you have never experienced previously, and the provision he brings into your life with cause people to literally gasp when you testify about it.

I also see you coming into a place of breakthrough in your relationships. New levels of understanding and a deep deep love is being released that will catch you by surprise. You may find yourself emotional at times over simple memories and thoughts.

God is increasing your anointing for breakthrough in their lives through the love he pours through you. It is a most beautiful gift to the Father and he will bless you richly for it!