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First 7 Letters of Genesis

July 31, 2017

By Zachary Adam Sneidler



Grace Truth Law the 30 60 100fold Progress

July 31, 2017

Grace Truth Law

Taking Back the Rainbow at Noahs Ark Article- From Charisma Magazine

July 25, 2017

7 Parts of the Book of Proverbs

July 23, 2017

Proverbs 1–9: “Proverbs of Solomon, Son of David, King of Israel”
Proverbs 10–22:16: “Proverbs of Solomon”
Proverbs 22:17–24:22: “The Sayings of the Wise”
Proverbs 24:23–34: “These Also are Sayings of the Wise”
Proverbs 25–29: “These are Other Proverbs of Solomon that the Officials of King Hezekiah of Judah Copied”
Proverbs 30: “The Words of Agur”
Proverbs 31:1–9: “The Words of King Lemuel of Massa, Which his Mother Taught Him”

The 7 Illyads of the Song of Solomon

July 19, 2017

SOS 1:1—2:7- Prophet
SOS 2:8—3:5- Servant
SOS 3:6—5:1- Teacher
SOS 5:2—6:3- Exhorter
SOS 6:4—7:10- Giver
SOS 7:11—8:4- Ruler
SOS 8:5-14-Mercy



Another 3 x 3

July 18, 2017

Shapes Signs and Dreams – Father
Numbers Wonders Visions- Son
Colors Miracles Prophecies- Spirit

Kingdom Wealth Dream

July 18, 2017

Last night I had a tremendous dream about Kingdom Wealth. A woman was prophesying and said after the beast system currency is outdated, a new kingdom currency will arise. And the true believers will become very wealthy. I wondered about this and said is it because of the stuff in people’s houses increasing in value? She said no its the Power Anointing. So get ready folks, the wealth of the nations WILL be poured into the Kingdom.

Seven Kind of Instruments

July 18, 2017
Seven Kinds of Instruments
1. Percussion       E.g. Drum
2. Wind                 E.g. Flute
3. String                E.g. Harp
4. Electronic          E.g. Synthesizer
5. Body-Vocal       E.g. Bass or Tenor
6. Soul-Vocal        E.g. English or Spanish
7. Spirit-Vocal       E.g. Tongues or Prophesy
This is from my friend Zachary Adam Sneidler

Redemptive Gift of Animals Diagram

July 17, 2017

Redemptive Gift of Animals

New Breed Book Part 2 Beginning Phases

July 15, 2017

The New Breed

I got the tag line name New Breed from a dream I had in 2004 that kind of started off my prophetic dream life. The first thing God told me in my heart when I had the dream as I began the dream was “The devil Is scared of the New Breed”. I took that name ever since and used it in association with my ministry because I believe the “New Breed Movement” is really a major legitimate Move of God. Especially important because its another level beyond the Pentacostal Movement. The New Breed scripturally is from the scripture that says we are a New Creation in Christ Jesus. The New Creation in the Greek means “Refreshing Reformation”. And that is what God has been trying to do is bring a Reformation to the Body of Christ that is so far surpassing anything that we have seen in our generation. God is building something here that will unfold over I believe a hundred or more years. And we are on the precipice of an amazing time in world history where the Believer in Jesus Christ will be elevated to their true position in life as a Son or Daughter of God. And the New Breed is the revolutionary shift that will change the Churches from the old wineskin into the new wineskin. And even now there is a war over that New Wineskin. Where many want to keep the old ways of the last 20th century when God is moving into something far greater. And those that cling to the old season will not understand the Truth of the New and what it means for them and their children and childrens children. Being a New Breeder means you will get to be involved in supernatural things that will bring GREAT joy and pleasure and supernatural wisdom and insight. And if you are part of the Elect you will be granted a place of authority to counsel and judge. This time in History is a culmination of all the different time periods in ONE. Where EVERYTHING will manifest all at once in this awesome revelation of the Kingdom Season of the Church Age.

The 30 the 60 and the 100fold

Very integral to the understanding of the New Breed is the Revelation of the 100fold Believer. Jesus talked about the 30 60 and 100fold on the GOOD SEED AND GROUND in the parable of the sower. (write about the 3 versions) The 30fold Believer I personally believe is someone that just knows Jesus as Savior. They know the scripture and have been Born Again but have not walked very far on the Narrow Path. They have entered the Narrow Gate and have become someone who is IN CHRIST. But Christ has not come into them and changed them yet. The 60fold believer is someone that has been Baptized in the Holy Spirit. This is the 2nd level and this is where the 9 Manifestation Gifts of the Holy Spirit from 1 Corinthians 12 come into play. They can pray in tongues and prophesy but still are carnal in many ways and deal with the sins of the flesh. These are people who are part of the CHURCH. Then comes the 100fold Believer. This is someone that has not only been Baptized INTO CHRIST but they also have CHRIST IN THEM the Hope of Glory. And they have gone even further into being a MANIFESTED Son or Daughter of God. The 60fold Believer knows Jesus as Savior and is partnering with the Holy Spirit. The 100fold Believer can SEE what the FATHER is Doing and has a personal relationship with the FATHER also. I am in the process of becoming a 100fold believer and it is 40 percent further in growth from a 60fold Spirit Filled Believer. Those who I know that can HEAR Gods Voice are on their way to become ONE with the Father. Jesus first walked in the 30fold and worked for his earthly father. Then He became 60fold and was FILLED with the Holy Spirit. Then defeated the devil on the 40 day FAST in the wilderness. And walked into His Wholeness as a 100fold God/Man. He was a Manifested Son after His testing in the Wilderness. And we as Believers in Him follow this pattern. First we are Born Again as a Spiritual Baby. Then we become Filled with the Holy Spirit and He works inside of us from the inside out changing our hearts to fit His Will. And eventually when we OVERCOME the Tests and Trials that we are assigned to overcome. We become a WHOLE 100fold Believer. In the 20th Century the Spirit Filled Believers created the Full Gospel Business Men Movement. And now in the 21st Century the 100fold Bridal Believers will create the WHOLE Gospel Business Man and Woman Movement. Where the 100fold Anointings and Gifts will be used to Whole Benefit.

The Bride the Rib of the Body of Christ (The Remnant)

The 20th Century was basically the focus upon the CHURCH. Everything was about the CHURCH. Which in the latter end of the 20th Century became the MEGA CHURCH Movement. During these times there was GREAT Prosperity. And Supernatural things began to take place. During the Early 20th Century the Pentacostal Movement was birthed. Especialy in 1906 at Azuza Street. This Revival Birthed the Pattern for the Churches to come in this time period. And the pattern of worship for long periods of time and using the gift of prophecy after the worship. Pastors being made single person leaders with GREAT CROWDS following a single man. God was behind this but it was just a “Season” within the church age and not a place to get to. During the end of the 20th Century and into the 21st Century. Those in the Church System began to go into Wilderness Experiences. And Dark Nights of the Soul. And go through great struggle while seeing the imperfections and sin issues within the Church System. Even though God was in the Mega Church AT FIRST. He did not want the Body of Christ to camp there. He wanted to gather people together and train them and then send them out to multiply the 5fold ministries. Sadly many of the pastors and leaders thought that this was where things would stay. And they became manipulative and controlling trying to keep people in their own manmade boundaries within the Church System. And eventually in the 21st Century the Churches were ovverrun with the Spirit of Babylon and became polluted. People inside and outside of the church began to act just like each other. And there was no longer any distinction between Holy and unholy. Now at this point God is no longer inside the Church System but outside of the Church System. Working with a Remnant that has survived the Fire that came on the Body of Christ. And out of the ashes of the Church System and with the Remnant that Now Exists. God is creating a Gideons Army of Warrior minded believers that are seeking to become 100fold. And THESE people will be the ones who begin the process of the Building of the Bride of Christ. Just as the story of the Phoenix coming out of the Ashes. The Warrior Bride of 100fold Believers is Rising up. And WE will become the ones who had “Turned the Ship Around”. Dealt with our generational bondage. And become the Forerunners of those who would be a part of the Bride of Christ.

Soulmates and the Reconfiguration of Marriage in the Bridal Season

Me and others like me have been prepared for our Mates for a very long season of waiting. During this time when the churches have been polluted with the spirit of jezebel and adultery. Many very faithful believers have been through terrible struggles with divorce. My parents divorced around the year 2000 when I was Born Again. And my mom eventually repented and came back to my dad. And they are not remarried yet but plan on it. This was the purpose of the enemy to send the spirit of Abortiona nd Divorce to divide and destroy the family unit. But Gods Plan was greater to created people that were “willing to wait” for their Soul Mates and Godly Marriages. And out of that will be birthed what the scripture declares as the Generation of the Righteous. My children will never have to struggle with sexual sin, and drug abuse, and emotional bondage. Because of the fight that I won in this spiritual war with Gods Help. Through this process even the sins of all my generational line back to Adam and Eve had to be cleansed. And I am still in this process. But I know who my Future Wife is and eventually we WILL be together as One and in Unity before God. The Soul Mate is someone that you HAVE to be with during your lifetime. GOD is the one that picks the Soul Mates and creates a story of beautiful romance and joyful companionship and a love story for this life as a testimony. And for the Eternal Ages to come. In my sleep God said that I will have a “storybook wedding”. This is because of all the testimonies and things that happened in the process of getting married to my Soul Mate. And I know many others who are striving and waiting faithfully for their Mate to “Wake up” Spiritually and come back to them. Or arrive on the scene in their life. This is the process that God is using to heal the generational lines. So that those in the Bride of Christ will have a perfect Union and Testimony of the One that they are meant to be with. I had a dream that my Future Wife will help millions of people in China in the Future. And break a terrible curse over China. And THAT is why we are designed to be together. God said she is going to be one of the most popular and loved people in Heave in Eternity because of the people she will come to help. That is why God picks the ones that we are supposed to be with. I know that through the Church Age some people never got to be with the perfect mate for them. But God is changing things for the better so that through the Gifts of the Spirit and Revelations of God we can meet up with and be with the person that fits us best. The Soul Mate Revelation is VERY important for those in the Bride of Christ. And the Thrones that we will have in this life and in eternity are highly effected by our stand for our Soul Mate.

The New Breed and the 2nd Heaven Dream Realms

Over the last 14 years since about 2004. There has been an increase in dreams. Especially dreams where you are in a place in your Spirit/Soul and actually doing things. Sometimes witnessing to people, sometimes fighting with demons, sometimes working with objects. Much of this has not been revealed to even the most powerful prophets in the Body yet. But God is doing something with the Spirit Realm that has not existed in this generation. Much of it I think was happening during the Times of Noah. But it hasn’t happened since then. And now the Spirit Realm is going crazy with massive things taking place in the night season. The more you mature in Christ and get closer to becoming a 100fold believer. The more power you have in your dreams to help others. In one dream God told me it was called “Lifeboat Living”. Where day and night we are gathering people to help them, and even in dreams rescuing them from the enemy. We are truly creating an Ark for the Mercy Season that we live in to rescue anyone that can be saved from destruction. I have healed people of diseases in dreams, healed them of emotional strongholds, I have seen the antichrist and false prophet operating in the spirit realm. And many other things like this. I just wanted to note that there is a parallel universe that has been created in the Spirit that we go to now in dreams. And sometimes even people have the same dream at the same time and talk to each other in the dream. I have talked to hundreds maybe thousands of people I have not met in real life yet in dreams. Doing things and praying for them. I have met people in dreams before I meet them in real life. And the dream shows exactly what our ministry and relationship is going to be like together in the future. This has happened with about 5 people I know. And even in one dream a man told me I was going to meet him at a certain church in the future, which I think was in Mexico or South America. I had one dream where someone said “A parallel universe has been created through witchcraft”. That is one of the reasons many are attacked by witches and warlocks and demons in dreams. Because this realm has been created supernaturally and exists in the 2nd heaven dimensions. We have much to see with these realms and battles and clashes between darkness and Light in them. I even believe at one point we will go to sleep and disapear from our bed and appear in the dream and actually teleport whole Spirit Soul and Body into the place we go in our dream. Many more manifestations things not even written in scripture the Greater Works that Christ spoke about ALL these things are becoming available to the 100fold Bridal Believer in Jesus Christ.