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September 10, 2016



Russian Key Lock Prophecy

September 4, 2016

6 19 07 Russia Key Lock Prophecy

The Russian Government is ready. They are Ready for Something Fishy. Oh Yes there is Something Brewing.
This Year at the Very End of this Year. There will be a Stirring in Russia. This is the Time when this Country
begins its Movement in the Militarisation of New Muslim Countries. Yes the Young and the Old Together.
These are the Young and the Old Together. There is a New Thing Happening. This Stirring is a Slow Stirring.
A Slow Stirring. What was Quick in the Past will now become Slow. Time is Changing. Yes the Reason
the Lord has not come yet is because Time is Changing. There is a Change in Time. These Things must
come to pass, but the End is Not Yet. Wait for it for it shall surely come to Pass. Vision for the Prophets
must become Clear. Direct and Clear. Whatever has been Spoken that was misinterpreted scripture must
be untwisted and Truthfully Allowed to Come Forth. Russia is the Key to the Middle East. Its the Key to
the Revival in the USA. Yes its the Key to what is Coming out of the Spirit Realm in the Last Days. Hearken
to the Call of the Lord. The Church in her Splendor and Glory. Hearken to the Purifying Call. Yes the Trumpet
is being Blown. There is a Move out of the Old. God is Switching Things. From Top to Bottom, and from Bottom
to Top. Lies are being Exposed. Lies are being Exposed in the Church and into the World. Very Clear Vision.
The Ministry must begin to Release its Captives. Yes in the past Season of the Church. Many Ministries
took Captives. Made Slaves of Kings and Priests. But there is a Time for Release of the Kings and the Priests.
Very Soon there will be a Move and an Overturn. With the Victory and the Life. Shouts of Great Glory.
God is Raising up His People. Life is Shaping up to what it needs to be. God is going to Bring Forth a
Great Stirring. When the Stirring in Russia Occurs. There will be Great Division in the Church. This Division
will be over the Supernatural, and the Occurances taking place in the Body of Christ. Discernment is Needed.
Yes Teachings about Discernment. Close Calls will turn into Training Courses. Gods Victors have Eyes
Wide Open. Every Key must have a Lock to Open. If Russia is the Key what is the Lock? God will Reveal
the Lock that Russia wants to Open in 2009. God will Reveal the Plan to Unlock the Middle East in 2011.
There will be a Great Falling Away in 2013. Supernatural Occurances will split the Skies Wide Open. Yet,
there is Still Time. I AM Stretching the Time. Stretching the Time Thin. Stretching the Time Thin to let more
and more of the Harvest In. Spectators of the Move of the Spirit will begin to Dive In. People who would never
speak with other tounges will begin to Give In. Finally those who you have prayed for so many years, they will
begin to have a Passion for God. A Release of Grace. When the Falling Away Occurs. What you Prayed for
will be Evident. The Souls you captured from satan by Faith will be the ones who are not Decieved.
Yes continue to Sow for the Harvest. Sow the Word in every Season, for the Time will begin where noone will
Accept it.

Prophecy from 2014 coming to pass NOW!!! JESUS!!! :D

September 4, 2016

Lord when will my physical healings take place? As you learn to fast and pray and embrace the pain that you are in. Your body will begin the process of transfiguration. Your face will begin to shine as you stay clear of the demonic realms. And your body will heal itself fully and totally. Get ready for the mass transit systems to be revealed. For I will shake the heavens and the earth in this revival. And more will be granted than has ever been granted to any man in human history. And you will become what I have made you in the Spirit. For your life is in my hand. Do not worry about your state, for the times will come when the enemy spirits will leave your environment. And you will have what you have desired to the fullness of full life. Jesus is coming quickly to heal and restore His Bride. And you will be ready when the time comes. You will be fully aware and ready for anything. For I have made you ready and filled with the fullness of all knowledge. Amen.