Elect Scripture References

August 3, 2017

21 Judgments of Revelation

August 2, 2017

King Prophet Intercessor Short Discussion.

August 2, 2017


First 7 Letters of Genesis

July 31, 2017

By Zachary Adam Sneidler


Grace Truth Law the 30 60 100fold Progress

July 31, 2017

Grace Truth Law

Taking Back the Rainbow at Noahs Ark Article- From Charisma Magazine

July 25, 2017


7 Parts of the Book of Proverbs

July 23, 2017

Proverbs 1–9: “Proverbs of Solomon, Son of David, King of Israel”
Proverbs 10–22:16: “Proverbs of Solomon”
Proverbs 22:17–24:22: “The Sayings of the Wise”
Proverbs 24:23–34: “These Also are Sayings of the Wise”
Proverbs 25–29: “These are Other Proverbs of Solomon that the Officials of King Hezekiah of Judah Copied”
Proverbs 30: “The Words of Agur”
Proverbs 31:1–9: “The Words of King Lemuel of Massa, Which his Mother Taught Him”

The 7 Illyads of the Song of Solomon

July 19, 2017

SOS 1:1—2:7- Prophet
SOS 2:8—3:5- Servant
SOS 3:6—5:1- Teacher
SOS 5:2—6:3- Exhorter
SOS 6:4—7:10- Giver
SOS 7:11—8:4- Ruler
SOS 8:5-14-Mercy



Another 3 x 3

July 18, 2017

Shapes Signs and Dreams – Father
Numbers Wonders Visions- Son
Colors Miracles Prophecies- Spirit

Kingdom Wealth Dream

July 18, 2017

Last night I had a tremendous dream about Kingdom Wealth. A woman was prophesying and said after the beast system currency is outdated, a new kingdom currency will arise. And the true believers will become very wealthy. I wondered about this and said is it because of the stuff in people’s houses increasing in value? She said no its the Power Anointing. So get ready folks, the wealth of the nations WILL be poured into the Kingdom.