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This is a Season of “Everything All at Once”. Where the Righteousness of Gods People. And the wickedness of the enemies people increases to a point of a split between Good and Evil. This happened during the times of the Book of Acts. Where the Gospel split the people right down the middle and you HAD to make a choice. Because of false doctrine there has been teaching that you do not HAVE to make a choice. But you HAVE to choose who you WILL serve. Yeshua said to make the tree good and its fruit good, or the tree bad and its fruit bad. And Repentance needs to be presented to people with the Whole Counsel of Yahweh in Mind. Once we are Born Again we must STRIVE to Enter in through the Narrow Gate into the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of God within us is working its way through our Spirit Soul and Body. And building in our INNER MAN the Temple of God. And our INNER MAN needs to be Fully Awakened to Truth. The SEEDS of Scripture as Yeshua said produce a 30 60 or 100fold Harvest. And according to the Parable of the Sower only 25 percent of ALL seeds sown get to the point of Maturity. Some only become a person who made Yeshua SAVIOR and not Lord. They will receive a 30fold Eternal Reward if they are Faithful in those things of just the Scripture. But once you receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit you are on your way to making Him Lord. Your tongue becomes submitted to His Will and Design. And you supernaturally speak the things of the Spirit of God. Those who are Faithful in those things will receive a 60fold Harvest on their Seeds. BUT then its possible to go 40 percent Higher in the things of God. To Gain the 100fold Return you need to go through Trials and Tribulations just as Joseph in the Prison, or Daniel in the Lions Den. You have to SUFFER WITH HIM so you may be GLORIFIED WITH HIM. Once that process is complete and you are released from the suffering. THEN you walk as a Son of God and Manifest the Kingdom wherever you go. And the SEAL of the Bride will never leave you and you will enter into the 100fold Glory.

The contradictions in scripture are NOT actually contradictions. But statements to Balance and Weigh things. Yahweh desires a “Just Balance”. And when we know our Rights (Take my Yoke its EASY) and our Responsibilities (Take up YOUR Cross its HARD) in Balance. We have the Strong Meat of the Word that belongs to those of Full Age. Strong in the Greek is the Word Stereos which is where we get the Word Stereo. Which means we have an Even Balance between Spirit and Truth. ALL false doctrines are a misjudgment of Spirit and Truth and its Weighing and Balancing. If you know the Whole Counsel of God. You will Understand that All things Work together for the Good IF We Love Yahweh and ARE Fitting into HIS Purposes. There is an IF to ALL scripture. But its by Grace through Faith that we Enter the Narrow Gate. His Rest is Essential and we cannot DO enough to please Him. Its only Him working in us to do His Good Will and Pleasure. And when we ALLOW Him to Work INSIDE of us. Our Spirit Man is Awakened. We receive the Good Acceptable and Perfect WILL of God for our Will. We receive the Mind of Christ for our Mind. And we receive the Fruit of the Spirit for our Emotions. And THAT my friends is a True 100fold Balanced Fully Mature Stereos Believer. Father help me and all of us GET THERE!!!

Legos were my favorite “toy” growing up because Yahweh knew I would be building and rebuilding people’s lives. And now I have the Foundational Principles of Design at my Disposal. The Shapes and the Numbers and the Colors. The Shapes are from the Father. The Numbers are from the Son. And the Colors are from the Holy Spirit. The Will of Man is His Shape. The Mind of Man is His Number. And the Emotions of Man is his Color. Racism will be the biggest enemy of the Bride of Christ and Unity Between us. And we are not shades of white to brown to black. We are actually red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet. Our Spirit is a BRIGHT Beautiful Color before Yahweh that Sings His Songs even when we are not singing if we are Born Again. He told Abraham His Seed would be as the Stars and the Sand. And the Bride of Yeshua is the STARS. Which Sing constantly without end before Him.

The power of 6 vs the Power of 7 has been fighting all throughout history. From the Tower of Babel with Nimrod and the beginnings of 1 world systems. To the magicians of egypt during the times of Moses. They slaughtered the children trying to kill Yeshua. And they tried to kill all the Jews in World War 2. And now Abortion was the latest attempt at the 6 trying to overwhelm the 7. And the New Breed is the result of a generation plagued with curses generationally and socially. People that have escaped from a deep darkness spoken of in Isaiah 60. We are the 7 that will overwhelm the 6. The homosexuals use the 6 color rainbow flag. But I use the 7 colors in my teachings on the Gifts. And the 666 vs 777 in the Tribulation Period will be the Final Battle between the numerology of satan and the Numerology of Yahweh

There is going to be a Full Spirit Soul Body restoration once Holiness is completed in us. First Yahweh had to flip us upsidown from Body Soul Spirit into Spirit Soul Body. Then He went to our inner man into our core of our being, and began to change us from the inside out. Now He is moving outward to the exterior of our Soul and into our Body. And once that process is complete there will be a Transfiguration of Restoration. Where the Working of Miracles will be restored and the Saints will be anointed with the Bridal Father New Breed Anointing to Preach the WHOLE Gospel not just the Full Gospel. This is the Beginning of the 100fold Kingdom Era of the Church Age.

There was 400 years of silence between Malachi and John the Baptist. And there is another hidden era of 400 years at the end of the church age. Some call it the Kingdom Age. And doctrinally I can see that. Because Yeshua said the Kingdom the Power and the Glory. The Power was the 1517-1906 era of the 30fold where Salvation by Faith was restored back. The Glory was the 1906-2017 time period thats ending now the 60fold. Where the Baptism of the Holy Spirit became the main focus. And The Kingdom era is 2017-2431. 490 years plus 1948 minus 7 for the 7 Year Tribulation Period.



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