The 7 Seasons and the 7 Mountains


Each of the 7 Mountains of Culture was broken into by Almighty God and the 8th Mountain of Mount Zion was Crowned atop 6 of the 7 Mountains of Culture so Far. Now God is about to invade the Arts and Entertainment Mountain to bring the Kingdom to a place of Relevance in Society that is Amazing.


Once I learned the key Truths about Fractals in Scripture. That each number list of things in the Bible is like a puzzle that overlaps in infinite varieties of ways. And when understood produces a Kingdom Language that goes beyond anything we can conceive of on Earth. Just knowing that the 7 Gifts of Romans 12 and the 7 Colors of the Rainbow Parallel and show the Character of Each of the Gifts. You can go an infinite number of directions JUST with that knowledge alone. This has given me “Tools of Creativity” that can be brought into just about every area of life to bring Gods Perfect Model of Design.

The 7 Seasons of the Church

Through understanding these Years in context of the 7 Seasons in the Age of Grace. I have found that God actually defeated the 7 Strongholds of the 7 Mountains in Sequence and Series. From what History has shown how the World was changed. For example the Printing Press being invented and utilized in the Era of 1500-1800AD. This shows that God is still working on this sequence and pattern. And now He is giving us the tools to conquer the 7th Mountain. And bring History of the Church Age to a Final and Sound Close. Ending our part of World History and bringing the BRIDE into Grandiose and Powerful Focus before the Eyes of All Men and Women.

The 7 Strongholds:

Mountain of Religion- This Mountain by definition is the deep rooted spiritual ideological beliefs of humanity. And I would say the Stronghold of the Religion Mountain is “False Religion”. James spoke exactly to this point when he said that “Pure Religion undefiled before God is to Take Care of Widows and Orphans and keep oneself unspotted from the World”. This was what God intended to be the FIRST of the strongholds to break in the Church Age. It was ALREADY Finished on the Cross but through using the Church God broke down the deceptive altars of paganism and false judaism and brought in the Undefiled Pure Religion of RELATIONSHIP with Christ. The biggest enemy of this Area of Culture is Hypocricy and Falsehood.

The Mountain of Family- During the Second Phase of the Church Age. Which was from 100-300AD. Was a Very Violent and turmultuous time for the Area of Culture of Family. It began with Jews Rejecting their Christ Following Family members to the eventual illegalization of Christianity in Rome and in the Culture. God defeated the stronghold of Family by raising the bar. So much so that many did not know ANY Family but those they had in Christ Jesus. And that is the Stronghold of the Family. The Falsehoods Associated with Earthly Family and the Kingdoms of This World. Jesus said it plainly that those that do “The Will of the Father”. Are His Brothers Sisters and Mothers.

The Mountain of Education- During this 3rd Phase of the Church Age. God allowed Organized Institutional Religion to take over. Which caused the falsehood and stronghold to be revealed. Which is False Education. Those involved in the Paganism and False Rituals of Roman Catholisism were not faithful to the Word of God. And they did many things to destroy the work that God did in what many consider the darkest and most painful hour of the church. Its not a coincidence that when man takes over what God created it brings DARKNESS and not LIGHT. So here we have God defeating the Mountain of Education with the beginnings of the Printing of Scripture for ALL Men. During the end of this time period.

The Mountain of Media- This 4th Time Period left a great mark on history. October 31st 1517 Martin Luther Nailed the 96 Thesis and Changed the History of the Church. Thus using MEDIA to accomplish the task of God by separating himself and his group from the deceptive Roman Catholic Authorities. The Printing Press was used to Print and Distribute Scripture and mighty works of God in Writing. So then we had Reading and Writing for ALL. And the Ability to do what no other generation could lay claim to in times past. Not even thinking of the fine arts of Bach and Beetoven and the Great Media in Music that was released to the Kings and Queens of this season of the Church Age.

The Mountain of Business- This 5th Time Period was one of great poverty and lack because of the atmosphere of the times. But through it God created the nation of America and brought on the Civil War. Nothing could be more damaging in the worlds eyes than the renounciation of slavery. But God did it and proved through the Civil War era that ALL Men are Created Equal. And that Truth has solidified and stayed with us in the Business World Especially all throughout the rest of the Church Age.

The Mountain of Government- Ah Yes the 20th Century that we all knew and loved so well. Where has it all gone? Well we had to change our perspective. And the Male Egotism oriented 20th Century was ALL about Institutions and Structure. Thats where we get our modern government ideals, the health care system, the federal reserve and ALL things Government. God allowed the USA and Britain to CRUSH Nazi Germany and prove that Socialism is NOT a righteous form of Government and can never be used for freedom but only for bondage and slavery to a system of Big Government that will eat anyone in its path that stands in its way. BUT was defeated soundly by God Almighty.

The Mountain of Arts and Entertainment- Now here we are basking in the glow of a changing United States that is on the verge of Christian Movies and Media that will absolutely blow anything we know out of the Water. And not just movies and tv shows, but the LIFE the Abundant Life that meditating on GOOD things is supposed to bring to mankind. THAT is what God is after. We all know those movie buffs that all they know to do is say movie quote after movie quote. And thats the perversion of what God intends to do with the Spiritual and Psychological Influence of Godly Movies and Entertainment. The Christian Rap Scene is Ripe for Harvest with people making absolutely Heart Burning Hip Hop Songs for Jesus Christ. I could go on and on with the Creative Potential of Entertainment Genius that has been released on the Earth with me being just a small speck on the spectrum.

What Art and Entertainment is doing for the world is changing the Climate. Everyone remembers 20 years ago when the LIFE was still in America. We had everything going for us and we were the bosses of the world. But God sent the FIRE on the Nation and Church. And it took most of us to the cleaners totally and left us with nothing but the Cross and Jesus Himself. Now OUT of those ashes rises the most powerful Body of Believers sent into the Arts and Entertainment World to root out the stronghold of the false. Everyone knows about the Simpsons Family Guy and South Park and the constant mockery of Truth that they engage in on a week by week basis. Where is the Christian South Park that uses edgey humor to destroy the strongholds and bring people to Christ? Where is the Christian Hellraiser Movie that depicts the Reality of hell and damnation as it truly is behind the Veil? Where are the Authors and Speakers and Musicians that will accept the call to climb the Holy Mountain and crown Jesus Christ as the Head of ALL Things? We MUST Engage and Endure. And to that End I will live the rest of my life pushing the culture with ten thousand right choices at a Time towards the Acceptance of the Gospel of Salvation and the Gospel of the Kingdom. So that men and women repent of their evil deeds and become REAL and TRUE Human Beings that enjoy and engage in what God Almighty does and not the adversary of their souls.

The 7 Colors (What abou the Gay Rainbow Flag?)

Just knowing the 7 Color Spectrum shows much about the Character of Christ. We all have seen the Homosexual Movement waving Rainbow Flags. What is this all about? I personally believe this is the Ishmael Anointing sent by the devil to go to something God is going to use in the Future and corrupt it before God gets there. This is exactly what took place and every time you see a Homosexual Flag you will see 6 Colors not 7 Colors. This small shift gives the identity of the enemy in it. And that by itself proves that it is the FLESH not the SPIRIT (6 vs 7). You could tattoo 3 Gay Rainbow Flags on your arm with 6 colors on it and ill give you 5 guesses to see what you come out to with THAT. It absolutely is an abomination and those that know the Truth. They will do great exploits in exposing the vile nature of the beast system and that which has come out from under the earth and not from HEAVEN. But as much of an effect as Transgender and Gay Marriage had on the Culture of this world. IT will NOT hold a candle to the amazing EFFECT of God Revealing the TRUTH behind the 7 Colors of HIS Rainbow. And it flashes in Glory around His Throne with an emphasis on the Emerald the Color GREEN. Because Jesus at his CORE was an Exhorter. A Man that could reach any type of person anywhere with Love that went beyond all boundaries. And now we have This Gods Rainbow in opposition to the 6 Color Gay Flag. And I KNOW that 777 Beats 666 EVERY STINKING SINGLE TIME IN JESUS NAME AMEN!!!!

What will the World Look like in 10 years from now?

Well from what I can reason from almost 2 decades of nonstop dreams and revelations. There is going to be the VERY GOOD and the VERY BAD mixed together. One of this I saw in my revelations was that the Earth will be Split into the Light and Dark Earth. The Light Earth will be where those in the BRIDE Dwell. These are where the Sheep Nations are going to be chosen and elected. And the dark earth will have the goat nations. Because of this dramatic change in history God has had me in hiding praying and fasting so that Gods Plans can go off without a hitch. There is going to be a HUGE Spiritual Explosion that is on the News. And I will FINALLY be set free to stand up and Prophesy these things publically before ALL. When Everything is said and done I will have stepped over into my Destiny and found the reasons for all that I walked through. God taught me the Key and Keys of ALL Scripture so as the Apostle Paul I can teach it RIGHT and without Fault. It has to be PERFECT in the eyes of God and its taken me a long time to get the Pride beat out of me enough to do this without getting beat even worse than I was last time around. God wants us ALL to have a Great Share in this Great Salvation. That will lead to Abundant LIFE IF We Endure to the End. And our Salvation in Eternity will be Mighty with a Testimony to tell all past and future What the Lord has done with US.


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