The Redemptive Gift of Mercy

Our lives/His Purposes-Ruthie's Impressions

Redemptive Gift Mercy, you are the paradox of the gifts. One minute worshiping in the tent of the Lord, beholding His beauty and the next minute cutting off the head of a giant in passionate, holy savagery! Whereas the exhorter loves the dramatic, you, Mercy, love the extreme.

He is like a Mac computer in a PC world. The other six redemptive gifts hear and process information with their heads similar to a PC. The Mercy hears and processes from the heart, intuitive like a Mac. He understands much more than he can communicate to the world around him, and as he tries to demonstrate this to the world, many times he is misunderstood, criticized, marginalized, or ignored. Just as the woman with the alabaster jar gave it all in extravagant worship, those closest to Jesus misunderstood. Processing the information with their heads, seeing it as wasteful and foolish, they…

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